Hero Fit F.A.Q.

Welcome to the Hero Fit F.A.Q. Below you will find some of the most common questions about this program listed. If you don't find an answer to your question listed down below please contact me at dustin@damnserenityathletics.com
Q: What is a compound set?
A: a compound set simply means to “compound” the number of different exercises into a series of sets with little or no recovery between.
Q: How do you apply your 1RM ( one rep max ) to your training days?
A: Frist we need to test your 1RM for the following exercises. Deadlift, barbell squat, close grip bench press, and barbell military press. We will use the 1RM's from those exercises as guidelines and apply them to your training days as follows.
Deadlift = Back Day
Barbell Military Press = Arm Day
Barbell Squat = Leg Day
Close Grip Bench Press = Chest Day 
Q: How often do I test my 1RM ( one rep max )?
A: Test it only once before starting this program. Once you have those initial numbers follow this program all sixteen weeks based off those initial numbers. When you have completed the program you can test your 1RM again and start the program over with your new updated numbers.
Q: Why can't I update my 1RM ( one rep max ) mid program?
A: The hero fit program already has progressive measures built into the program based off your initial 1RM. If you adjust your 1RM mid program you run the risk of increasing the difficulty level to a point you are not yet prepared for.  
Q: Why does arm day look so different from the rest of the program? 
A: Arm day is a light day out of the week since it focuses on the development of arms. Having to much volume on arm day could effect your performance on chest and back day. 
Q: The set days of the program don't work for me. Can I move them around.
A: Of course you can. Just make you give yourself enough time for recovery from your workouts.  
Q: I noticed in your program you have an exercise called seated rows. What kind of seated rows am I supposed to do?
A: The one you have available to you. If a seated cable row is what you have, or a seated row machine use it.