Damn Nerds

      Hi everyone Dusty here your residential nerd in the Damn Collective. I want to welcome you to a project I am very excited about, Damn Nerds. This is a project that has been in the making for some time now as we played with the idea of gaming, which I didn't want us to get mixed in with the lot of fitness promoters who use gaming as nothing more then self promotion. I even thought of doing cosplay, but I started to run into the same crowd I saw pretending to be gamers. 

     I wanted Damn Nerds to be something that fitness goers who enjoy video games, comics, and anime could relate to and enjoy without the B.S. Something that allowed us to delve into all things geek, so here we are.

     So what is Damn Nerds? Damn Nerds is primarily a bi-weekly podcast with a supporting Instgram page. Now, Damn Nerds isn't a brand trying to break off from the Damn Collective so there will be no active Youtube page as I don't seek to become a brand, but an expansion of the great community that we have here at the Damn Collective. Anything I do with Damns Nerds will be very much part of the Damn Collective, so if I make a Tee shirt it will show up in the Damn collective store. If I have video content it will show up through one of the Damn Collective channels. We are very much a family here and it's going to stay that way.


  Join us as we talk about fitness, gaming, anime, comics, and all things geek. Come geek out with us as we talk about how geek culture has effected the fitness scene, and how it's effecting every day life.