Is Digestive Therapy Right for You?

Dec 21 , 2020

Dustin Baker

Is Digestive Therapy Right for You?

     Could digestive issues be causing you inflammation, and making weight loss more difficult? Digestive therapy may be something worth looking into. Before I say anything else please make sure you consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes especially if such changes are to help manage a health issue.

     Digestive therapy is ideal for people who are recovering from liver damage, kidney issues, or digestive track issues, but what exactly is digestive therapy? It’s a simple reboot of the digestive tract’s healthy bacteria. The next question would be what is the process of digestive therapy? Below I will outline the steps of digestive therapy. I will also provide an overall summary along with all the links to research on this subject. Don’t take my word for it; do your own research as well to determine if digestive therapy is right for you.

     Digestive therapy is built around three main keys; probiotics, hydration, and walking. Let’s first take a closer look at probiotics.

     Not all probiotics are created equal. Many probiotics from yogurt products, supplements, and fermented foods will tell you they help with digestive health. Unfortunately, some products will be packed just with the most common probiotic, L. acidophilus. Acidophilus does help with restoring the balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, but by itself the effects are minimal. To have the effect we are looking for you want to have as many strains of healthy bacteria as possible which brings me to my next point, what to look for when choosing a probiotic.   

     When choosing a probiotic, we want to make sure the product contains over ten billion strains/CFU’s (cluster formed units). Anything less tends to not be effective. When you hit ten billion strains/CFU’s you are getting a good variety of healthy bacteria. Now, you can get way higher strains/CFU’s of bacteria, but it can get costly. At ten billion strains/CFU’s we will get the effect we are looking for, but without breaking the bank. Higher strains/CFU’s will require refrigeration so keep that in mind when choosing a probiotic.

     The importance of hydration tends to get massively overlooked so let us go over some things hydration affects in the body, and some things that can affect hydration. The first thing we commonly run into is counting fluids that contain caffeine, such as coffee and green tea, towards hydrating. Caffeine is a diuretic, so it expels water from the body. You could be drinking plenty of fluids but if you’re consuming a large amount of caffeine you can end up dehydrated at the end of the day. A good rule of thumb to follow for caffeine consumption is to make sure to drink the same amount of water to offset the caffeinated fluid. So, if you drink six ounces off coffee you will want to add six ounces of additional water to your water intake for the day to offset it.

     Now let’s go over some of the important roles water plays in the body. First, all nutrients are water soluble, meaning they need the presence of water to be properly adsorbed by the human body. The digestion of protein requires a lot of water to break the protein down into aminos the human body can use. Water also detoxes the human body as it moves waste to be disposed of. It delivers oxygen throughout the body but most importantly the brain. I could go on for some time about the role water plays in the human body, but instead I will include a link for those of you who really want to get into that subject.

     Now that we have been over probiotics and water, that just leaves walking. Walking is good for overall digestion as walking helps move food through the digestive tract. Walking also helps with blood sugar levels and can help with insulin sensitivity. Now that we have been over probiotics, hydration, and walking we can start to delve into how to put all this together.

     Once you have found the probiotic that works best for you, follow the bottle’s instructions for how often to take it. For those of you who are going to use a food solution like drinkable yogurt, just have one serving size per day. If you are tempted to drink a lot of yogurt because it’s sweet you may want to investigate non-food options to prevent binging which kind of undoes everything we are trying to do to get healthy.

     When it comes to hydration, we want to aim for drinking a gallon of water a day. Doing this at first may feel like a struggle, but take it day by day and you will get there. Just try to drink more water than you did the day before, even if it’s an ounce at a time until you reach that gallon mark. The final part is to take a five-to-ten-minute walk after meals to aid in digestion and help regulate blood sugar levels.

     By combining probiotics, proper hydration, and five-to-ten-minute walks after meals. You can reduce inflammation, improve liver and kidney functionality, and improve your overall quality of life. You will want to run digestive therapy for at least thirty days to allow you liver and digestive track to heal. Now get ready to start by finding yourself a water container that works best for you, a probiotic that fits into your lifestyle, and a pair of shoes for walking. Just do yourself a favor and no matter what your health goals are don’t wait until next week to start doing something about it when you can start today.  

 -Digestive Therapy for Overall Health Summary-

-Probiotics can aid in healing of the liver, Kidneys, stomach, and intestines. Results in better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

-Probiotics reduce inflammation in the liver and digestive track and have the potential to reduce inflammation through out the body linked to poor digestion or chronic liver disease.

-Probiotics help maintain a healthy bodyweight as it becomes easier to feel satiated because you get more nutrition from the food you’re consuming.

-Probiotics can help relieve depression and anxiety.

-Probiotics can be combined with walking after meals to manage blood sugar levels.

-Proper hydration aids in digestion and overall body functionality.

-Walking aids in digestion and managing blood sugar levels.


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